Within our body resides an innate wisdom. This wisdom created us from one tiny cell, it inspires our smile at playing children, it brings our tears of joy and our tears of sadness, it heals our wounds when we fall and it is the driving force that allows us to succeed against all odds. It is perfect and ever-present. In our body this innate intelligence utilizes our nervous system (N.S.) as a vital means of communication. The nervous system is also the perceptual, and conceptual system of our body, meaning that all we experience from the outside and inside world is perceived through the N.S. Throughout our normal daily lives we have hundreds of different experiences and interactions, basically our bodies are bombarded with information from the world around us and within us. Whenever the N.S. receives more information than it can handle and digest, it is stored for later use in our development and evolution. It is stored as a pattern of tension or subluxation, an interference to the N.S. Which in turn interferes with our experience of full life expression, this interference is the root cause of dis-ease. As these subluxation patterns build up over time the N.S. becomes more rigid and inflexible, less able to adapt to and digest our world. Our ability to handle the stresses of life diminishes, and our natural health and well-being suffers. We become a creature of the past; our experiences are colored by the perceptual lenses stored in our N.S. as subluxations. Even with many years of subluxations clouding our well-being, the body can continue to function, symptom free even. Truly, one of the most amazing things our body is capable of, is functioning with severely compromised health, I mean some people eat fat-free, sugar-free food from a box and make new eyeball, and brain, and muscle out of it, and it isn’t even food. Now the really good news. Chiropractic adjustments help to release the many layers of interference, allowing for a fuller expression of life. Just as the subluxations build up slowly over time, so too will regular chiropractic adjustments, over time, help the body to become better able to handle all that life has to offer. With each adjustment your system becomes better able to adapt, better able to heal and self-correct. As the Innate Intelligence is allowed it’s full expression we begin to experience life in present time. Imagine if you could flow with, and adapt to all life’s challenges instead of being hit head on. Imagine living each moment through the perceptual lens of now instead of colored by past experience. Imagine having full access to the immeasurable wisdom of your body, life lived to its fullest. My purpose is simply to remove interference to your full expression of life. I trust you and the universe to handle the rest.