New evidence about studies linking sugar to heart disease and cancer that were intentionally suppressed by the sugar industry.

Another round of articles just came out pointing the finger at the sugar industry for intentionally squashing studies that were showing the direct link between sugar consumption and heart disease and cancer.  This scandal reaches all the way back to the 1960’s.  And at the time it helped to shape the direction of the dietary recommendations for the nation.  Fat was named as the culprit in the rising epidemic of heart disease and this launched decades of “low-fat” hysteria.  Now we know that this is an incorrect assumption and that dietary fat intake, when from healthy, real-food sources in not linked to increased heart disease.

Not that I expect the corporate heads that make these types of self-serving decisions to suppress the truth to care, but I wonder how many have suffered and dies as a result of this information never seeing the light of day until now.

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