How do you know who to believe when it comes to issues about your health and your family’s health?  It used to be that people trusted their family doctor for medical info.  These days it is well known that much of the general public health policy and many physicians are deeply influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

To me, I know that the human body makes sense.  There is an intelligence within my body that created all hundred billion cells of me from one cell.  (Let’s just say that if I had to do that with my brain I might have left something important out, or forgot something.)  My body strives for health and the times I have been the healthiest have been due to my body functioning at its highest efficiency without interference from the outside world.  This is my benchmark.  If the information seems to make sense with the overall view that the inborn, innate intelligence in my body knows best, then it seems reasonable to me, and if the information is of the viewpoint that there is something inherently wrong with my body and that something for the outside knows best then I tend to put less stock in it.

So what about you?  How do you decide who to believe about health?