The experience of wellness is a marker of the degree to which one is engaged in their life creatively expressed.  All disease and dysfunction physically begins first as lack of full expression in some arena of life.  It is a backward perception that having energy and passion for life follows having more physical energy and physical health and well-being.  In fact the order is just the opposite, passionate engagement in life and creative projects begets high energy and mental clarity begets good health and long life.

The cells in the human body responded according to their environment in a digital manner either growth and good health and evolvement, or defense and disease and death.  The environment is created by the mind as this is the system that controls and coordinates all the other systems.  However it is not as simple as I think I am health with positive thinking and affirmations and therefore all disease goes away and I am perfectly health.  In fact most of the input and throughput between our minds and bodies is at a subconscious level.  The interaction is much more complex than the current conscious thought I am holding.  The environment of the cell, the chemical bath it is in, the signals of growth or defense it is receiving form the nerves is a function of the perception of the human.

As a mechanism of functional efficiency and simple biological survival, in order to keep our conscious level awareness free for thoughts, most of our reactions to stimulus are dictated by a set of preconceived thought patterns or equations.  These are our conditioned patterns, the unthinking behaviors and responses that rule most of our interactions with our world.  This is both a great evolution of biological efficiency and the culprit of most of the so-called evils of the world; war, crime, bigotry, etc…

As a physiological function this can be seen in how your foot works.  A human foot is comprised of 26 individual bones.  With each step the joints between the bones become loose enough to bend around the curves and tilts of the surface you put them down on, and then rigid enough to hold a support your full body weight.  The purpose of this is for the proprioceptors to have info to keep your balance, to respond to the surface you step on, without having to use your eyes and your conscious mind to keep you upright.  These incredibly complex sets of information flow, comprehension, integration, and then response, are all performed thousands of times daily without any input from your conscious mind.

Another example, when you are walking alone down an unfamiliar, dark, urban street at night and pass a menacing looking person on the sidewalk, you might have the body response of increased heart-rate, blood moving to the skeletal muscles, decrease in digestive function, the release of adrenaline in to your blood stream, the preparation of fight or flight.  This did not occur due to a conscious series of thoughts, like “here I am walking down the street alone, oh look there is a menacing person in the shadows, I think that they might present a threat to my safety, I will initiate a flight or flight response in my body”.  In fact this all occurred at a subconscious level, the equation of me alone at night + a person in the shadows ahead = potentially dangerous situation and therefore initiate a biological fight or flight response, was preprogrammed in perhaps from years of imagery on television and movies, perhaps from previous experiences of a threat that was similar and compromised you safety, perhaps it was parental influence from childhood, the point is that it was not a present-moment series of mental decisions, it was an equation that was already there below the surface.  These biological responses flood your body with hormones and other chemicals, all the while you could be thinking about what you want for dinner. 

For true wellness to occur we must change our body’s perception.  We must move from a world of dis-ease and sickness towards a world of health and wellness.  While it is true that most of the functions of our body happen on a subconscious level, our conscious mind can exert a powerful control over the entire system.  The key here is consistency of thought which can most easily be achieved by passionate engagement in life and creative projects.  When your mind and most forward moving thinking is focused towards a specific goal with full passionate engagement all of your body aligns with this vision and health, energy and vitality are created and maintained. 

Of course longevity and perfect health are multi-faceted and complex topics.  Of course diet, exercise, exposure to environmental pollutants and mental/emotional stress have important roles to play in our overall wellness.  However, the quantum aspect of health and well-being, the unobservable, nonlocal property of wellness, that which causes cancers to spontaneously remit, that is shifting the overall perceptual frame-work of the human.  That is becoming creatively involved in your life.