Free radical chart 1
From the following article
Radical causes of cancer

S. Perwez Hussain, Lorne J. Hofseth & Curtis C. Harris

Nature Reviews Cancer 3, 276-285 (April 2003)


Neurons in the brain (blue):

Neurons in the brain (whiteish:

Red Blood cells:

Blueish blood cells:

Chest xray:

Girl with green mustache:

Splenda in the grass:
glass of milk:

sugar sugar sugar:

Einstein student quote:

Spinach growing:

Smiling boy:

Faith and Aaron running:

Smiling nurse:

post vaccine arm:

Shot in the arm:

a beautiful day in the neighborhood:

son and older father:

guy focusing on computer:

Man wearing breathing mask:

Kid getting a shot:

Flu shot blue shirt:

Spiral shell:

Guy with mask:

Woman with flu mask:

Sunlight thru trees:

Girl eating broccoli:

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